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An Extra Spring in My Step

Founder’s Diary

Is it just me, or is the Spring sun prompting bigger smiles?

It’s like I just discovered sunshine, but I don't mind the first-time feels or the extra Spring pep in my step.

It’s been a loooong, isolating year. But the familiarity of how we've adapted makes this Spring feel a bit more joyous.

I hear the sound of children playing outside my window. I smile. The sun’s rays peek through my blinds. I open them wide. Vitamin D rushes in. Fresh, yellow tulips lay beside me. I’m convinced they're smiling back.

Everyone and everything feels... happy.

I light my Focused candle to set the mood and my intention for the Spring days ahead. It’s easy to be diverted by the excitement of Spring. But balance exists. I am focused. I am happy. My affirmations of the season. What are yours?

Hello, Spring 💐

Shavaun, the founder of Spoken Flames candles

Founder & Maker @SpokenFlames

My Springtime Faves