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No Scroll Zone: 5 Tips and Techniques For Staying Focused

Less scrolling, more focus.

Whether you’re a college or grad student, or simply doing tasks for your home or business, these five tips and techniques will help you focus and get work done efficiently—and without caving in to outside (or digital) distractions. 

5 Ways to Study, Work, and Stay Focused Over a Long Period of Time

1. Go Off the Grid (for a Moment)

The apps on your smartphone are designed to keep you engaged—and on your phone. Every “like,” notification, and text is a stimulus that triggers a response and an influx of dopamine in your body. These literal and physiological distractions impact quality study time and the ability for your mind to focus. So turn off and remove anything that may distract. Or, remove yourself: find a pocket of space (in your home or neighborhood) where such distractions don’t exist or are minimized to improve your chances of complete focus.

2. Space Out Your Sessions and Avoid Cramming

While ‘cramming’ (doing everything at once) may feel like the only way to meet a deadline, this actually puts a lot of pressure on your mind and body. This pressure may lead to stress, lack of retention, and an urge to scroll for that quick hit of stimuli. Cramming can be counterproductive toward your goals. Instead, space out your work or study in blocks. Dedicate a set amount of time to each subject or task.

3. Organize Your Tasks By Level of Effort

Determine what’s ‘Easy,’ ‘Moderate,’ or ‘Intensive.’ This can be more than a measurement of time, but of mental and physical effort, too. The goal is to establish what will take the least and most effort, and execute accordingly. Your personal preferences will inform whether you tackle the ‘easy’ stuff first or last. But such planning will help you work with purpose and laser focus.

4. Take Small Breaks Every 20-30 Minutes

Your brain is a muscle and a long work session can be a demanding exercise. So every 20-30 minutes, get some fresh air, stretch, or drink water. In fact, consider the Pomodoro Technique: a time management technique that breaks time up into blocks; typically 30-minute blocks. Study or work for 25 minutes, then take a five-minute break. We encourage a “body break”—anything that nurtures your body. Spoiler alert: it doesn't involve your phone 😆 With the Pomodoro Technique, four blocks is a 2-hour session, eight blocks is a 4-hour session, and so on.

5. Prep Your Space

Have what you need within arms-length to ensure you remain comfortable, hydrated, and nourished. So the moment you start to crave a little something to eat or drink, it’s already there—and not wrecking your ‘no-scroll zone’ to find food on Uber Eats 🙃

Now, You’re Ready!

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