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back to YOU season

3 Tips to Stay Grounded During a Period of Change⁠

This month is full of change. New season. New routine. And for some, new curricula. The ‘new, new’ may pose new challenges and leave you feeling like you need to catch up versus calm down.

So here are 3 self-care exercises that center YOU and can help you stay grounded during this period of change—you don’t have to be in school to apply these lessons to life 🤓

1. Phones Down. Pencils Up.

Connect your mind and body by putting pen(cil) to paper. Consider a stream of consciousness writing session: a free-flowing, grammar-free mind dump that helps you release and process your innermost thoughts and feelings. It’s like baring your heart to your non-judgemental best friend and for that moment, that best friend is YOU.

2. Play in the Leaves

That crisp fall breeze, the sound of rustling trees. Get out there! A daily walk or simply sitting outside (or near an open window) can be a great way to gather your thoughts and engage your senses. Pair your outing with a podcast as a way to feed your mind with new ideas and fresh perspectives. It’s all about YOU—all the parts of you: mind and body.

3. Snack Time. Nap Time.

Time for rest and leisure is not just for elementary school. As adults, we can learn from that routine that was instilled in our childhoods. Every day nap & snack time was carved out for us. Reclaim your time and carve it out for yourself. No need to title an event on your calendar as 'Snack Time'. A simple 'Unavailable' will do. And do YOU.⁠


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