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Relax, unwind & affirm

Enjoy a multisensory candle experience that's heightened after dark

Spoken Flames

Make ‘me time’ more meaningful

Enhance your moments of self-care with our motivating & multisensory candles—handcrafted to engage your senses of sound, sight, smell and mind. Enjoy the soft crackle of our wooden wicks, the golden shimmer of our signature coconut wax blend, and the affirming message on each candle that encourages a more intimate, motivating and meaningful ambiance in your home.✨

Why get a Spoken Flames candle?

Product category

Audible affirmation activated by augmented reality

Product category

Soft-crackling wooden wicks

Product category

Golden shimmer while lit

Product category

Scents curated by master perfumers

Product category

All natural coconut wax blend

Product category

55 hours of clean burn time

Which message will you choose?

Grounding notes of vanilla & sandalwood

Bold fusion of orange, clove & cedarwood

Blissful floral fusion ylang ylang & jasmine

Uplifting notes of eucalyptus & pine

Resilient notes of bergamot, sage & woods

Passionate notes of spice, rose & patchouli

Spoken Flames

Why After Dark? 🌚

Our signature golden shimmer is visible in the daytime, too. But after dark, our candle's crackle, shimmer and glow are all heightened, creating a beautiful, multisensory ambiance so you can relax & unwind from your day with intention.

The multisensory candle experience explained:

Hear it

Our wooden wicks produce a soft-crackling sound. It's like having a mini campfire in your midst.

See it

Our proprietary wax blend includes natural minerals that add a visible shimmer to the wax while your candle is lit.

Smell it

Our candles are generously scented to fill your space. Our unique, sophisticated and phthalate-free scent blends are also curated by master perfumers with our ethos in mind.

Feel it

Stimulate your mind with each affirming message and make ‘me time’ more meaningful.

Spoken Flames

Preview our multisensory candle experience

Turn sound on to hear the soft crackle!

“Everything about the candle—from the words, to the scents, to the look—is warm, comforting and affirming.”


Get more & save 15%

Upgrade to a Trio Set and get three multisensory candles in a luxe gift box, plus a complimentary Spoken Flames matchbox

Spoken Flames F Yes Candle Trio Set

This Trio Set includes the Focused, Fearless and Favored candles

Spoken Flames Straight Facts Candle Trio Set

This Trio Set includes the I Can, No One and Light It candles

Infuse positive messages into your home & self-care routine

Combine the power of words with the peace of a candle flame with Spoken Flames®