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Optimize the burn of your Spoken Flames candle

Rule #1

Keep your wick trimmed low, to about 1/8th of an inch

Your Spoken Flames candle is pre-trimmed and ready to be lit right out of the box; it's a great reference for how low to keep your wick. For all subsequent candle burns, be sure to trim your wooden wick to about 1/8th of an inch before lighting. 

What does this do?

Keeping your wooden wick low ensures a healthy flame height and a steady burn each time.

Rule #2

Make your first burn the best burn

Your first burn should achieve a full melt pool—as in, the top layer of wax melts evenly all around. A full melt pool is typically achieved in three to four hours.

What does this do?

A full melt pool will prevent tunneling and ensure an even burn throughout the burn cycle of your candle.

Rule #3

Remember Rule #1 😉

Enjoy your Spoken Flames candle!
Email us at with any questions.

Additional candle care tips

 Use a wick trimmer or a nail clipper for the cleanest trim.
You may also remove excess wick with your fingers before each burn.

If you think your flame is too high and it's producing black smoke, extinguish the candle, trim the wick, then re-light.

If you think your wick was trimmed too short, don't worry! After about 30 minutes to an hour, the wax will have melted enough to restore the flame to a normal, healthy height.

Keep dust and debris (like wick trimmings) out of wax. Use tweezers, a toothpick, or the reverse end of a spoon or fork to gently remove any debris.

General candle safeties

• Do not burn your candle for longer than 4 hours.
• Burn candle within sight.
• Never leave a candle unattended.
• Keep away from combustibles.
• Keep away from pets and children.
• Avoid drafts.
• Never touch or move a hot or lit candle.
• Never touch a wick that has just been extinguished.
• Burn candle on a level, fire- and heat-resistant surface.
• Stop burning your candle when 1/2 inch of wax remains.
• If burning more than one candle, leave more than 6 inches between each burning candle.


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