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Get the candles that inspire a more intimate and purposeful experience; each candle has a message. Made with a shimmering wax blend & dual wooden wicks—it’s like having a tiny campfire in your midst


“Everything about the candle—from the words, to the scents, to the look—is warm, comforting and affirming.”

A.H., Customer

Our candles mean more

We emblazon each candle with a message that affirms, inspires and ignites your action toward your goals

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A multisensory candle experience

Engage your senses of sound, sight, smell and mind

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All natural coconut wax

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Soft-crackling wooden wicks

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Shimmering wax blend

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Phthalate free & petroleum free

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Hand poured in small batches

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Made in the USA 🇺🇸

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“Such a rich, real natural smell. It’s incredible. Also, I love the wooden wick!”

MK.T., Customer

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