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Candles Reimagined™

Sensory candles for more mindful self-care.

“Best Candle Gift”

Says Architectural Digest

“Changes the way you experience candles”

“An intimate & innovative candle experience”

“Takes the idea of candles to another level”

“Revolutionizes the standard candle”

“Long-lasting, high-quality scents”

“Candles burn clean for hours on end”


Wooden wick candles

Soothing soft crackle

Dual wooden wicks resemble a campfire

Shimmering candle wax

Unique golden shimmer

Hypnotic sparkle adds a sensory touch

Hand pouring a Spoken Flames candle

Generously scented

Custom fragrances by expert perfumers

“Best Candle Gift”

Says Architectural Digest

What our customers say

“These candles take my self care days to the next level!”

Sera M.

What our customers say

“Divine! Love the scent, shimmer, and the crackle”

Valerie R.

What our customers say

“Fantastic smell! Not overpowering”

Lily W.

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