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Scented AR-enabled candles

The scent is just the beginning

New Drop!

An unexpected tech twist

The ultimate gift

Engage your senses & stimulate your mind

“An intimate & innovative candle experience.”

“Changes the way you experience candles.”

“Long-lasting, high-quality scents.”

“Candles burn clean for hours on end.”

“Revolutionizes the standard candle.”

“Takes the idea of candles to another level.”


You’ll never look at candles the same way again

Our multisensory candle experience will engage your senses of sound, sight, and smell—and includes a unique augmented reality (AR) that brings each candle message to life!

Wooden wick candles

It crackles

It‘s like having a tiny campfire in your midst with our wooden wicks!

Shimmering candle wax

It shimmers

All natural coconut wax blend with a unique golden shimmer while lit

Augmented reality experience on a mobile device icon

It speaks

Hear a spoken word poem or affirmation via augmented reality

Gifting made easy

Save on the ultimate candle gift 🎁

When life got crazy, I lit candles