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When life got crazy,
I lit candles

We all know what it’s like to get caught up with the fast pace of work, news, and life. Sometimes, to the point where we lose sight of ourselves: how we feel and what we desire.

So I’m on a mission to create mindful sensory experiences that connect *you* with all parts of you—starting with a Spoken Flames sensory candle.

“I’m on a mission to help YOU connect with all parts of you”

Starting with a sensory Spoken Flames candle.


Hi! I’m Shavaun. Founder at Spoken Flames.

In 2016, my entrepreneurial endeavors as a digital creative took its toll on my wellness.

Client demands, deadlines, and the self-imposed pressure to outperform the previous year (chronic overachiever here) made life more chaotic 😰

To help combat that overwhelming work stress, I turned to candles. Lighting a candle cued rest.

But at the time, there was something missing.

Many of the candles I found smelled nice, but nothing more. 

I also noticed that the packaging of every candle I bought worked hard to promote a brand logo or scent name, boldly plastered on the front labels. Something about this felt self-serving, passive, and impersonal.

Those candles just didn’t speak to me.

So, I started Spoken Flames to meet an unmet need, reimagining candles as a more immersive, inspiring, and personal experience.

My mission with Spoken Flames is to help encourage a mindful reconnection with yourself through your senses.

🔥 Hear a soft, calming crackle from our dual wooden wicks.

🤩 See a golden shimmer in our signature candle wax blend—it’s been described as ”hypnotic.”

🌿 Smell custom scents masterfully created by our perfumers.

🕯️ Feel affirmed by each candle message, which comes to life via augmented reality (AR).

I hope the moment you light a Spoken Flames candle you can unplug from the world and tune into yourself.

A candle experience made for you.

A Spoken Flames candle encourages a purposeful, motivating and meaningful ambiance in your space. Each candle has a message that serves YOU. Not my brand. Not my scents. Just affirming messages carefully curated to inspire, celebrate and motivate you!—all the parts of you.

Spoken Flames exists to amplify messages that matter & motivate you. It’s about manifesting the life you envision for yourself and the world. It’s about igniting your actions to achieve your desires. 🔥


a multisensory candle experience

Each candle is intentionally designed to engage your senses of sound, sight, smell and mind

Hear the natural crackling sounds from our wooden wicks, see the shimmer of our signature coconut wax blend, smell our rich, premium and phthalate-free scent blends, and be mentally stimulated by the affirming message on each of our multisensory candles.

Spoken Flames exists to amplify messages that matter to you. It’s about manifesting the life you envision for yourself and the world. It’s about igniting your actions to achieve your desires.  

I hope my candles speak to you.

Stay mindful. 🔥 Shavaun


We blend and pour our candles in-house

Every single Spoken Flames® candle is made with quality, care and precision