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Making “me” time more meaningful

No more 'light it and forget it' candle moments. We emblazon each of our candles with an affirming message to encourage a more intentional, personal and meaningful ambiance in your home or space. PLUS! Our multisensory candles are handcrafted to stimulate your senses of sound, sight, smell and mind.

Combining the power of words with the peace of our candle flame to enhance your moments of self-care

Studies have shown that persistent practice of and exposure to positive, self-affirming statements can decrease stress and increase confidence, productivity and overall wellness

So we've intentionally handcrafted a candle experience that enhances your moments of self-care, engages your senses and celebrates the very essence of you

Our multisensory candle experience explained

Engage your senses

Hear it

Our wooden wicks produce a soft-crackling sound. It's like having a mini campfire in your midst.

See it

Our proprietary wax blend includes natural minerals that add a visible shimmer to the wax while your candle is lit.

Smell it

Our unique scent blends are sophisticated, phthalate-free and curated by master perfumers with our ethos in mind.

Feel it

Stimulate your mind with each affirming message and make “me” time more meaningful.

“In a world where news and messages are condensed, faked or received behind a screen, I hope Spoken Flames challenges you to be more bold and intentional with your words in the physical realm by activating each message with a flame.”

shavaun, FOUNDER & maker at spoken flames

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