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“It’s something more than a candle”

Thanks for choosing to read more about how Spoken Flames is something more than a candle. If you didn’t land here from our email, make sure to start here for context. Otherwise, keep reading! 👇


There are a lot of candles on the market. I’d know. Ive tried a lot!

But Spoken Flames is the only candle brand that offers a multisensory candle experience that transcends reality.

We merge high-quality candle craftsmanship with unique augmented reality experiences that collectively enable a special scent, sound and scene for each of our motivating candle messages.

It’s a fully immersive candle experience meant to motivate, inspire and activate your moment of self-care.

Its the immersive candle and self-care experience I wish existed when I was overwhelmed with work (and life). But its now an experience that Im so excited to share with you!


And don’t forget: our immersive experience is unique & cool, but the quality of our candle is superior. Both aspects were top priority in crafting our signature candle experience!

With love,

Shavaun, Founder & Maker at Spoken Flames 🔥