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How Engaging Your Senses Can Improve Brain Health

Your brain is a complex organ. Like any other part of your body, it needs a little TLC, too.⁠

New and complex activities that break from your routine or engage your senses can increase brain activity & stimulation, and research has shown that this can improve your memory, focus, and mood.⁠

Here are 3 brain-stimulating exercises we love—and how our multisensory candles can be good for your brain:

1. Puzzles

🧩 We love Sudoku, jigsaw, and word search. We even include a word search in every Spoken Flames order and have a growing archive of printable word search puzzles!

2. Multisensory Candles

🔥 We designed our candles to engage your senses of sound, sight, and smell. These sensory signals give more for your brain to interpret (and your body to experience) to help increase self-awareness.⁠⁠

3. Hand Swap

✋ Use your non-dominant hand for an activity like writing or brushing your teeth. This can feel like a struggle, but the it’s an oh so good exercise for your brain!⁠

A little brain workout, anyone? 🤓

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