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How ‘Nature’s Cereal’ Inspired a Morning Routine

A moment of truth: we’ve had a pancake breakfast for the past 7 days straight. 🤫 So discovering the ‘Nature’s Cereal’ trend couldn’t have come at a better time!

TikTok’r @natures_food first introduced this simple and refreshing dish in February, and it later picked up steam a month later when Lizzo posted it, not once, but more than three times!

At the time of this posting, the trending hashtag has already amounted to 335.5 million views on TikTok. Over a quarter of a billion people have viewed some form of the cereal “trend,” but wed like to think this easy & healthy dish is here to stay.

Were retiring our pancake stacks for a bowl of this whole fresh fruit blend to kick-start our day!

Here’s how we’re adding ‘Nature’s Cereal’ to our overall morning routine:

1. Stretch for 3-5 minutes upon waking up. Nothing formal, just go with the flow of your body, addressing any areas where you feel tight.

2. Gather a handful of blueberries, blackberries and pomegranate. Rinse and place in a bowl. Open a fresh, whole coconut or pour in coconut water from a carton into the bowl.

3. Decide on an affirmation for the day. Write it down or take a mental note, then light a scented Spoken Flames candle with the message that best aligns with your mindset for the day.

4. Enjoy your Nature's Cereal (or fruit bowl, or smoothie—whatever you prefer to call it!). Enjoy each bite and burst of fruit in your mouth. As the scent of your candle begins to fill your space, the multisensory experience gets your mind and body on track to take on your day with vigor and confidence!

We see Nature's Cereal as more than a trend, but an exciting reminder that choosing healthy food—in this case, fresh whole fruits—is a form of self-care, and an opportunity to start each day off feeling full of life.

Watch how we start our day with Nature’s Cereal and a scented Spoken Flames candle below!


new morning routine? 🕯🍓🥥 cuz I’m tired of pancakes 😭 #naturescereal @natures_food #spokenflamescandles #foodsoftiktok #homemade #spokenflames

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