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Editors Select the ‘Best-Smelling Candles to Ever Exist’

“My nose has encountered hundreds—if not thousands—of wicks and waxes from fragrance brands far and wide,” says lifestyle editors Hannah Chubb and Christen A. Johnson.

With that perspective, Spoken Flames is honored to make Cosmopolitan’s exclusive round-up of the ‘19 Best-Smelling Candles to Ever Exist.’

Make it summer all year ‘round as our Good Summer Vibes Candle made the list.

Cosmopolitan praises our golden shimmer, gentle crackling wooden wicks, and optimal scent throw, saying, “You know a candle is one-of-a-kind when you don't even have to light it for its aroma to take up a whole space.

“This [is a] melon-y goddess right here,” says Cosmopolitan.

Thank you for the feature!


Spoken Flames’ Good Summer Vibes Candle is available online at


Best known for its sensory candle experience, Spoken Flames’ award-winning candles offer a unique golden shimmer; soft-crackling dual wooden wicks; a 50+ hour clean burn (vegan, non-toxic, phthalate-free); positive, mindful affirmations; and custom fragrances perfected by expert perfumers.

The brand is on a mission to counter the fast pace and pressure of modern work, news, and life by encouraging a mindful reconnection with yourself — starting with a unique candle experience that engages your senses and stimulates your mind.

Hand-poured in small batches in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Founded in 2020.