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Chic (But Affordable) Gifts Under $50

Spoken Flames’ Fearless Candle was named one of the best gifts under $50 that “look way more expensive than they actually are” by Elle Magazine.

“Spoil them on a budget,” says the team of Elle editors of the gifts on this list.

Elle Magazine calls this best-seller an “uplifting candle” and shares that “gifts don’t have to be expensive to look expensive.”

“In addition to filling your room with lush scents, Spoken Flames candles are AR-enabled with audible affirmations and poems for a truly unique experience,” says Elle.

Spoken Flames, the AR-enabled sensory candle brand, is best known for this unique candle experience. “The scent is just the beginning,” says Spoken Flames’ founder.

Elle magazine adds about the candle, “to further engage your senses and help you relax, they feature a pretty shimmering gold wax and wick that softly crackles when you light it.”

While Elle celebrates Spoken Flames candles as a “chic but affordable gift under $50,” the brand is also highly conscious of delivering quality candle craftsmanship.

The Fearless Candle is available online at

View the full feature: 100 CHIC (BUT AFFORDABLE) GIFTS UNDER $50 written by Lauren Puckett-Pope, Meg Donohue, and Sam Peters for Elle Magazine.



About Spoken Flames


Spoken Flames makes sensory candles for more mindful self-care. Each candle engages your senses of sound, sight, and smell and includes an innovative augmented reality (AR) experience that brings each candle’s message to life with a spoken word poem or audible affirmation.


Spoken Flames’ mission is to encourage a mindful reconnection with yourself through your senses, blending the science of our senses with tech for more mindful self-care in a modern world.


It’s a one-of-a-kind candle experience that’s been recognized by BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, and




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