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Writing Prompt for Success: What Are You Capable of Achieving?

While it’s easy to say what we *can’t* do, we’re inspired by this writing prompt from one of our favorite journals: Simple Observations by Shantell Martin & Baronfig. This writing prompt encourages us to explore all the things we *can* do and achieve.


⌚ ‘Me time’ guide

Take 10-15 minutes for yourself to explore this writing prompt. Know that there are no limits to what you can achieve. If you experience a limiting thought, that's okay. Be proud that you were self-aware enough to identify that thought, and do one of two things: ignore it and carry on, or think to the root of the limiting thought. Either way, you will yield progress. Affirm your limitless potential.


🔥 Set the mood

We recommend our sandalwood, vanilla and eucalyptus scented candle (Focused) for this exercise. Light your candle and find a comfortable position to sit and write (or type). Relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw. Take a deep breath and release any tension or resistance you may feel. Then begin to write—without judgement.