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LOL Candle

Mango, green coconut, white woods

Sweet mango mingles with green coconut to match the feel-good joy of a hearty laugh out loud. “Smells like a carefree Caribbean vacation,” says House Beautiful.

Be carefree with this one-of-a-kind candle experience.

50+ Hour Slow Burn
Dual Wooden Wick Candle
Custom Fragrance
All Natural Coconut Wax Blend
Vegan, Non-Toxic, Phthalate-Free

Its unique golden shimmer, soothing, soft-crackling wooden wicks, and custom fragrances combine as ambient stimuli that pique your senses and encourage calmness, confidence, and increased self-awareness.

8.0 oz Sensory Candle
Expertly Crafted Fragrances
Generously Scented
Dual Wooden Wicks
Unique Golden Shimmer While Lit
Hand-Poured in Small Batches
Made in Brooklyn, NY
Upcycleable Glass Vessel as Keepsake

LOL Candle

Product category

Hand-poured in Brooklyn, NY

Product category

Soft-crackling wooden wicks

Product category

Unique golden shimmer

Product category

Generously scented

Product category

All natural coconut wax blend

Product category

No phthalates, no paraffin

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165+ hours of burn time


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