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Motivation, confined.

Week two, day two. #StayAtHome efforts are in full effect. But it certainly hasn’t been a walk in the park. Our cooperation with COVID-19 guidelines is for the greater good of everyone, but we wonder: have you adapted to a new self-quarantine routine with ease? Or, are you like us, still trying to figure out how to be your best self while quarantining?

Wellness and social activities have been eliminated. Travel has been severely restricted. And for many, home has become the headquarters for our professional lives. A lot has changed. Fast. So, what does daily motivation look like now that you’re confined to your home?

When you don’t even need to put on pants for that important client call, what drives you to get up and ready to tackle your day? What does “ready” even look or feel like?

Despite seismic shifts in our daily routines, one constant remains: mindset.

The way we process the pace of the news. Our temperament when managing the demands of our clients, families and households. Enduring the challenges of restless kids (or our restless selves). Adapting to voids in social interaction. Our ability to address these circumstances is dictated by our mindset. That never changes. So, we can choose to submit to the disruptive chaos of these events or choose to tackle them as manageable challenges.

Managing your mindset around our current circumstances can essentially make or break you. So keeping a clear head, void of frustration, stress and sensory overload, will help you function at your best and remain motivated, even while confined.

Here are a few tips to keep a clear head in a confined space:

Take non-digital breaks

For many of us, work is now remote. And entertainment has certainly transitioned online, too (Club Quarantine, anyone?). Our favorite brands, personas and communities are now reaching us online in the form of Zoom, IG Live sessions or many others. We applaud their creativity in leveraging digital platforms to serve us, but don’t let this time be a hop from app to app. Give your eyes a rest. Give your brain a rest. It can be information and sensory overload. Take a break without a device, screen or live stream—even if just for 5 minutes.

Create a purposeful at-home ambiance

You may not be used to containing work, play, exercise, and relaxation to just your home. So it’s encouraged to create spaces and moods in your home that enhance your mindset for each respective activity. If your space is limited, consider setting time blocks for certain activities in your home. Moving a few things around goes a long way to establish intention for your space. Even lighting a scented candle for a few hours can change the dynamic in your home. Our candles in particular each have a message that encourages a mood. Whether it’s fearlessness, focus or gratitude, light a Spoken Flames candle to set a more purposeful mood in your space.

Exercise silence

We could name many guided meditation apps—and shout out to Headspace for offering free access to select meditations during the pandemic—but we’d challenge you to do this: just sit in silence. Breathe in, breathe out. Find a natural, comfortable rhythm. A thought or audible distraction may interrupt, but let it pass. Feel what it feels like to be still. Train your brain to focus and be at ease. Enjoy.


It’s easy to set your mind on auto-pilot when everything is happening in one space throughout the day, so we hope these tips encourage you to reflect on what motivation means to you amid social distancing and to keep a clear head to perform optimally at home.

Here’s to flattening the curve and restoring our robust routines in the, hopefully, coming weeks. 🤞