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Summer Scents

Here’s to juicy adventures and sweet, sun-kissed glows

Summer Candles

Groovy summer scents celebrating juicy adventures and sweet, sun-kissed glows.

Good Summer Vibes Candle

Salted watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew

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Smells Like Sunshine Candle

Golden apple, Southern peach, wild berries

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Sea Sea Me Candle

Sea salt, melon, chamomile

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LOL Candle

Mango, green coconut, white woods

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Summer Candle Bundle

A seasonal scent variety

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Why Spoken Flames?

Product category

AR-enabled experience

Product category

Scents by master perfumers

Product category

All natural coconut wax blend

Product category

Unique golden shimmer

Product category

Soft-crackling wooden wicks

Product category

No phthalates, toxin-free

“Long-lasting, high-quality scents”