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Our candles are fueled by coconuts

The wax of any candle fuels the candle flame. And after over a year of testing various waxes and blends, it became important to us to craft the most environmentally responsible candle possible.

For us, coconut wax was the obvious choice to base the wax blend which fuels our Flames.

Our unique wax blend is made mostly of a sustainable coconut wax. But because coconut wax is so soft, we've added a bit of natural and vegetable waxes to help strengthen the blend, and to increase the overall burn time of your candle.

We've also added a dash of natural and ethically sourced minerals to our wax blend. These minerals create a beautiful and unique shimmer to our candles ✨, and is revealed only when our candles are lit. 

Additional facts worth noting: 

  • Many independent candle brands make 100% soy candles, or have a majority soy-based blend. But in 2019, a whopping 94% of the soybean crops in the U.S. were genetically modified. #NoThankYou

The coconut oil used to make our coconut wax blend is obtained by means of a natural process, and coconut is a sustainable crop. 🙌

    We love our coconut wax blend and know you will, too.

    Spoken Flames coconut wax candles

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    Photo credit: Alexander Mils