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3 Ways to Improve Your Mood at Home

Spring is full of light and renewal outdoors, but how’s the mood indoors — inside of your home? If you’re feeling antsy or in a rut at home, you are not alone.

Major retailers reported a 30% sales surge in their home décor category because so many of us are looking to refresh and improve the mood in our homes.

Your multipurpose space may still doubling as an office, classroom, or gym, so craving a little at-home refresh is completely normal.

But it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

Here are 3 easy and low-cost ways to improve your mood at home:

Scented candle by Spoken Flames with vanilla, sandalwood and eucalyptus

1. Introduce a new scent into your home

As scented candle connoisseurs, we know all about the impact of scent in the home. In our interview with Town & Country Magazine, we shared that

“Scent impacts how we experience our space. It can trigger our brain receptors to respond calmly, or even with excitement or energy.”

When our sense of smell has so much influence on how we feel, exploring a new (or perhaps your favorite) scent is the easiest, most impactful way to improve your mood at home.

Citrus scents are known to energize and uplift. Lavender is best known to calm.

There are a lot of scent profiles you may consider, but in the spirit of not bogging yourself down with research and keeping things fun and fresh—how about just go for a scent that’s new and unexpected?

‘Go-for-the-unexpected’ was our mood when we crafted our Sweet Sage candle scent. It’s a unique blend of sage and woods infused with sweet notes of bergamot. This unexpected scent fusion has grown to be one of our favorite scented candles to have in our own homes.


Bed in bedroom with natural light cast on the pillows

2. Experience a new view

No need to break your apartment lease or home mortgage. You can refresh how you feel when you sleep, lounge or play in your home by shifting the existing furniture in your space. For example, consider changing the angle of your bed in your bedroom. Spoken Flames’ founder, Shavaun Christian, says this:

“Changing the layout of my bed has actually helped me sleep better. The natural light from my window hits differently in the mornings, and it’s closer to the window where, on a clear night, I have an inspiring view of the night sky.

It may sound crazy, but I’m experiencing my space differently just from changing my furniture; the new views also improved my workflow during the day.”

If you have artwork or pictures mounted on your walls at home, you might also consider dismounting them and propping them on a floor near a shelf, or on a mantel. Even moving your art around adds a new dimension and a new view in your home—and you don’t have to buy anything new!


Bundle of pink flowers

3. Add color to your space

Color is another stimulus that influences our mood. The study of color dates back centuries, and even the renowned artist and scientist of the 19th century, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, expressed that color is “a subjective experience perceived differently by each viewer.”

Use the beauty of how you uniquely perceive color to add a deeply personal touch to your at-home refresh. Consider upcycling old, colorful clothes into pillow covers. Or buying fresh, colorful flowers. Or how about you go rogue: pick up a canvas and paint colors from a local craft store and get your Vincent Van Gogh on.

Spend an afternoon flexing a little creative muscle with color. But no pressure to create a masterpiece here!

Part of the exercise in improving your mood at home is making you feel good during the process.

Exercise your intuition and pick colors, textures, scents and things that spark joy. May the acts of refreshing your at-home vibe be the joyful moods we wish for you!

Happy home refreshing! 🏡