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How to Pick the Best Candle for Gifts (2023)

If you Google search for ‘candles,’ you’ll get about 1.2 billion page results (in 0.57 seconds, no less). How will you know how to pick the best candle for gifts when your options are in the billions?

Save time and shop smart.

Consider this your expert shopping guide on what to look for when shopping for the classic scented candle as a gift.

Here are three things to look for to pick the best candle for gifts.

3 Things to Look For in the Best Candle for Gifts 

1. Type of Candle Wax Blend

Soy, coconut, palm, and beeswax are common candle waxes and blends.

Look for which wax or blend of waxes your candle gift has. We also recommend looking for symbols or text that confirm that a candle’s wax blend is non-toxic.

At Spoken Flames, we prefer and use a coconut wax blend for a cleaner burn and smoother aesthetic to the wax.

Soy wax candles can tend to have a rugged texture at the top, which isn’t always easy on the eyes. Coconut wax blend candles have smooth, aesthetically pleasing tops.

If you’re feeling extra curious, consider learning about the different types of candle wicks: cotton wicks vs. wooden wick candles.

2. Fragrance Quality

Detailed scent notes should be on the candle’s product page or packaging.

Look for a clear or lively explanation of how the candle smells or an outline of the top, middle, and base notes for the candle’s scent. Ensure the fragrance is phthalate-free.

It’s even better to know if the candle has a custom fragrance or is a generic fragrance available on the marketplace because custom fragrances ensure your candle and candle fragrance is truly unique, thoughtful, and crafted by an expert perfumer.

At Spoken Flames, we work with a fragrance house to perfect every candle fragrance to ensure quality, complexity, and stellar candle burn performance.

3. Production Quality: Where Was It Made (& Who Made It)?

It’s important to know where and how someone (or something) made your candle gift: mystery warehouse run by machines? Or a small candle studio run by artisans who hand-pour each candle?

Sometimes brands will say ‘Made in the USA’ or, more specifically, say in which city or state the candle was manufactured—which is even better!

At Spoken Flames, candles are our craft; we pour each candle in our Sunset Park, Brooklyn studio.

Store brand candles at department stores can be produced in mass and by who knows. Shop from artisans. Not mystery mass producers.

Best candle for gift woman searching on mobile device

How do you pick a candle for someone?

Scent can be very subjective. When you pick a candle for someone as a gift, consider a brand’s best-seller candles or candles hand-selected by trusted publications. 

Or, if you have a theme or seasonal occasion in mind, check for seasonal candles. Think of a winter candle gift that smells like snow or brings good summer vibes (and scent).

Best Sellers

These would be the most commonly purchased and gifted candles. You generally can’t go wrong with the crowd favorites!

Candle Features

Think about Best-Smelling Candle lists from New York Magazine or Best Candles to Give from Architectural Digest.

Editors and writers at these publications receive hundreds of candle samples year-round to make their expert decisions on which candle gifts to feature ultimately.

Gift Cards

Remove the pressure of picking, but select a trusted candle brand and let your gift recipient shop at their leisure. Consider getting a candle gift card.

What to buy with a candle for a gift?

Go above and beyond just a candle for a gift, and consider making a candle gift box.

Whether for a holiday or birthday gift, a corporate gift, or a housewarming present, a candle gift box can be a customizable gift solution that offers greater flexibility and creativity. 

Combine your candle gift with other wellness or home décor items for a cohesive, lifestyle-relevant gift box. 

Remember the standards mentioned above when sourcing candles for your candle gift box!

What’s trending in fragrance for 2023

Every year, home fragrance trends evolve.

Socioeconomics, news & pop culture, and seasonality inspire how fragrance fits into our modern world.

Forecasting firm WGSN identified three trends that could develop in 2023.

Here’s what’s trending in fragrance this year:

Functional Fragrance

Think of scents with a purpose. Brands are creating “emotionally supportive” fragrances designed to trigger areas of the brain that promote relaxation, sleep, happiness, and other emotions. 

Check out the Focused Candle candle gift designed to encourage—you guessed it: focus.

Notes of soothing vanilla, soft cashmere, eucalyptus, and grounding sandalwood make up this candle fragrance blend to calm and encompass your senses.

Self-Identity & Fragrance

WGSN reports that younger consumers (think Millennials and Gen Z) turn to fragrances to help them express and establish their self-identity. 

Know someone brave and uber-courageous in your life? Consider getting the Fearless Candle. It was designed to encourage courage and was named one of the 17 Best-Smelling Candles by New York Magazine.


A scent for every day of the week predicts WGSN.

The trend forecasts that shoppers will use (and want) multiple fragrances depending on how they feel or look. This mood can change every day. And they want scents and candle gifts that offer emotional boosts throughout the day.

So consider gifting a candle gift set that offers that variety that’s on trend, in addition to incredible value with over 100 hours of clean burn time and free shipping.

In Summary: How to Pick the Best Candle for Gifts

Candles are a triple win as a gift. They serve as self-care, home décor, and home fragrance staples.

Knowing how to pick the perfect candle for gifts will improve your shopping experience and ensure who you’re gifting gets the ‘best of the best.’

Look for the type of candle wax used, the fragrance quality, and the production source. Consider fragrance trends for the perfect and most timely gift, or empower your giftee with a gift card so they can shop for a candle gift at their leisure.

Happy gifting!