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How to Upcycle Your Spoken Flames® Candle Glass

Is your candle running low? Proper candle care says to stop burning your candle when just one-quarter to one-half an inch of candle wax remains. But that doesn’t mean you should toss your candle glass!

Here’s a quick 30-second ‘how to’ 📹♻️ Upcycle Your Spoken Flames Candle Glass Using the Freezer Method. We’ve also included some ideas on how to re-use your candle glass in the kitchen, bathroom or your home office!


#upcycling my #spokenflamescandles 🔥🕯 freezer method is easiest for me! 🥶 #spokenflames @spokenflames #smallbusiness #candle

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Tag us @SpokenFlames with how you upcycle *your* candle glass!

[ Video Transcript ]

Freezer Method to Upcycle Candles
1. Put candle in freezer overnight.
2. Poke wax with a butter knife.
3. Wipe down with cooking oil.
4. Ready to re-use in the bathroom, office, wherever.