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How to Reuse Candle Jars Using the Freezer Method

Is your candle running low? Then now’s the perfect time to learn how to reuse candle jars as storage, drinkware, and more using the super easy freezer method.

Candle care standards say to stop burning your candle when just ¼ to ½ an inch of candle wax remains. But don’t throw it away! Give your candle a second life.

You may have seen or heard about boiling water or melting your candle in the oven. 😳 But, as seasoned candlemakers here at Spoken Flames, we find the absolute easiest (and safest) method to reuse candle jars is the freezer method. 🥶

With the freezer method, no boiling hot water is required. Just freeze it, poke it, wash it. It’s literally that easy!

If you’re more of an audio-visual learner, we’ve included a quick 30-second video below. We also included ideas to reuse your candle jar in the kitchen, bathroom, or your home office.

How to Reuse Candle Jars Using the Freezer Method

1. Freeze the Candle Jar Overnight

Place your candle jar in the freezer overnight when little candle wax remains. Then, sleep tight. 😴

2. Poke the Candle Wax with a Butter Knife

The next day, remove the frozen candle from the freezer and grab a butter knife. The cold temperatures have hardened the wax, so a little poke will make it easily break into large chunks.

There’s no need for a steak knife or heavy-duty knife. A fork or the end of a spoon may also work.

Dump those chunks out of the jar. You can use the remaining wax in a wax warmer to savor the last bit of fragrance or simply discard the wax chunks.

3. Wipe Jar Down with Cooking Oil

Oil attracts oil. So any residual residue in the candle jar (which contains essential or fragrance oils from the original candle) will wipe out easier with this step. It prepares your candle jar for the soapy rinse to follow in the next and final step!

4. Rinse with Soap & Water

Rinse your candle jar like you would any dish in your sink. We recommend hand washing.

Ready to reuse in the bathroom, office, or wherever!

We’ve even reused our candle jar to propagate our baby plants. The possibilities are endless!

Watch & Learn

Watch this quick 30-second ‘how to’ 📹♻️ Upcycle Your Spoken Flames Candle Using the Freezer Method 🥶 

No boiling hot water required. Just freeze it, poke it, wash it. We included ideas to re-use your candle jar in the kitchen, bathroom, or your home office.

Tag us @SpokenFlames with how you upcycled your candle glass!

Video Transcript

[How to] Upcycle Candles Using the Freezer Method

1. Put candle in freezer overnight.
2. Poke wax with a butter knife.
3. Wipe down with cooking oil.
4. Rinse with soap and water.
5. Ready to re-use in the bathroom, office, wherever!