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The Spring Home Décor We’re Obsessed With

Flowers & candle flames, all season long.

Flowers and candles—these two Spring home décor staples can add color, brightness, scent, and improve the ambiance in your space for the Spring. It’s a sensorial home décor line up that fits perfectly in any room.

Adding visual accents and scent into your home décor for Spring is a cue for your senses, which can positively impact your mood. So celebrate Spring through your home décor and embrace the joy & sunshine of the season!

Keep reading for tips to make the most of these two elements in your home for Spring.

Choosing Flowers for Spring

Tulips are considered to be the most colorful of all spring flowers. If you have a home garden, then you’ve likely already put in the work in the Fall for the beautiful showing to now appear.

But if you’re like us and don’t have a garden, you can still enjoy the beauty of this iconic, Springtime floral by getting tulips from your local market or florist. With proper care of the fresh cut stems, they can last for over a week. Enjoy a week of bold color in your space, or switch out weekly for a fresh start or new color!

Keep in mind, any floral in your home (not just tulips) can be just as invigorating and refreshing to celebrate the abundance of life and joy Spring that time represents.

Our friends at 1-800-Flowers have curated flowers for Spring that include light colored roses, sunflowers, daffodils, and hyacinth. So no matter your taste in flowers, there’s a season-relevant floral for you.

Choosing Candle Scents for Spring

Brighter and breezier Spring weather outdoors, means the scents in your home should be just as bright, refreshing, and optimistic. Fruit, floral, green, and sweet scents tend to work well in the Spring. Think fresh cut grass, a melody of florals, citrus or juicy mango.