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Acts of Resilience Candle

In partnership with New York Cares

This special limited-edition winter candle is in partnership with NYC’s largest volunteer organization, New York Cares.

Following 2020, New York Cares is celebrating our collective resilience with their winter message: Acts of Resilience. Your act in purchasing this candle supports New York Cares’ efforts toward supporting NYC’s most vulnerable and underserved communities across the issues of hunger, homelessness, social injustices and educational inequities.

100% of the profits of this limited-edition winter candle will go directly to New York Cares.

💰 Our goal is to raise $5,000 (and we‘re more than halfway there)!

This all-natural coconut wax blend candle is generously scented with notes of apple, tree sap and spice—inspired by the essence of a New York winter. ❄️

Hear it crackle; see it shimmer; smell its unique holiday scent—which we‘re calling Big Apple Spice! 🍎

⏰ 55+ hours of clean burn time
🥥 Sustainable & all-natural coconut wax blend
🔥 Dual wooden wicks crackle like a tiny campfire
✨ Golden shimmer in wax for an added sensorial effect
♻️ Durable glassware can be upcycled
👋 Meticulously hand-poured in small batches

Its unique golden shimmer, soothing, soft-crackling wooden wicks, and custom fragrances combine as ambient stimuli that pique your senses and encourage calmness, confidence, and increased self-awareness.

8.0 oz Sensory Candle
Expertly Crafted Fragrances
Generously Scented
Dual Wooden Wicks
Unique Golden Shimmer While Lit
Hand-Poured in Small Batches
Made in Brooklyn, NY
Upcycleable Glass Vessel as Keepsake

Acts of Resilience Candle


100% of the profits benefit New York Cares

Unique product details

Product category

All natural coconut wax blend

Product category

Soft-crackling wooden wicks

Product category

Visible golden shimmer while lit

Product category

Generously scented

Product category

Phthalate-free & petroleum-free

Immerse yourself

This multisensory candle experience will engage your senses of sound, sight, and smell—and transcend reality through a unique & immersive digital experience designed to activate your moment of self-care.

Spoken Flames

Immerse yourself

Enjoy the soft crackle of our wooden wicks, the golden shimmer of our signature coconut wax blend, the clean & curated scents by master perfumers. Plus, 100% of the profits benefit New York Cares!

Don’t forget a matchbox!

Ignite your candle in style

A (bonus) multisensory candle experience

Engage your senses

Hear it

Our wooden wicks produce a soft-crackling sound. It's like having a mini campfire in your midst.

See it

Our proprietary wax blend includes natural minerals that add a visible shimmer to the wax while your candle is lit.

Smell it

Our unique scent blends are sophisticated, phthalate-free and curated by master perfumers with our ethos in mind.

Feel it

Stimulate your mind with each affirming message and make “me” time more meaningful.