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Blissful fusion of florals: ylang ylang & jasmine

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This all natural coconut wax blend candle is generously scented with pure essential oils of ylang ylang, jasmine and geranium. This fusion of abundant florals is meant to evoke joy; a perfect scent match for ‘Favored’—an affirmation of your talent and triumph.

Product Details

• All natural coconut wax blend
• Soft-crackling wooden wicks
• Unique and visible shimmer while lit
• Generously scented by master perfumers
• Phthalate-free & petroleum-free
• 55 hour burn time (each candle) 
• Net wt. 8.6 oz (each candle)

Our proprietary coconut wax blend is enhanced with ethically sourced minerals. Our wooden wicks are sourced from FSC-certified mills in the USA. 

Hand poured in small batches. High-quality craftsmanship.

Make “Me” Time More Meaningful

Upgrade your self-care routine with our motivating & multisensory candles—handcrafted to engage your senses of sound, sight, smell and mind. Each Spoken Flames candle is emblazoned with an affirming message to encourage a more intentional, personal and meaningful ambiance in your home or space.



Product category

All natural coconut wax blend

Product category

Soft-crackling wooden wicks

Product category

Visible golden shimmer while lit

Product category

Scents curated by master perfumers

Product category

Phthalate-free & petroleum-free

Product category

55 hours of clean burn time

A unique scent to match the message

Cedarwood Citrus

This bold fusion of orange peel, clove and cedarwood boosts your mood so you can take on anything, fearlessly; a perfect scent match for ‘Fearless.’

Curated by master perfumers
Generously scented to fill your space

Upgrade your self-care routine

Each candle is emblazoned with an affirming message to encourage a more intentional, personal and meaningful ambiance in your home

A multisensory candle experience

Enjoy the soft crackle of our wooden wicks, the golden shimmer of our signature coconut wax blend, and curated scents by master perfumers that uniquely match each message

Don’t forget a matchbox!

Ignite your candle in style

A (bonus) multisensory candle experience

Engage your senses

Hear it

Our wooden wicks produce a soft-crackling sound. It's like having a mini campfire in your midst.

See it

Our proprietary wax blend includes natural minerals that add a visible shimmer to the wax while your candle is lit.

Smell it

Our unique scent blends are sophisticated, phthalate-free and curated by master perfumers with our ethos in mind.

Feel it

Stimulate your mind with each affirming message and make “me” time more meaningful.

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