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Friendsgiving Ideas: 5 Creative Ways to Celebrate

Ready to create more memories with your family of choice this holiday season?

Friendsgiving is a great reason to gather, catch up, and share that one ‘interesting’ dish—because somebody’s guaranteed to have found a random recipe on TikTok 🤭

So, be the best host for your best friends.

Get inspired by these 5 ideas to help you plan, decorate, and entertain to make it a memorable and mindful Friendsgiving for everyone.

Here’s what to do and what to bring (or gift) for a holiday gathering with friends.

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5 Creative Friendsgiving Ideas

1. Flex Your Culinary Creativity: Friendsgiving Menu

Friendsgiving Dinner

Get creative with your Friendsgiving menu. Add timeless & traditional dishes and, for a bit more fun, the TikTok-inspired 🍽️

You could make the core dishes and ask your friends to bring the sides.

Or, for all the super hosts out there, feel free to own the night and whip up all the treats 🧑‍🍳

Traditional Dishes

Think turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

These tried-and-true favorites are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters, and they’ll bring everyone back to their favorite holiday memories.

Plus, who can resist the aroma of a freshly roasted turkey, sweet butternut squash, or a warm pumpkin pie? 🥧

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Unique Twists on Classics

Dare to be different this Friendsgiving by adding unique twists to classic dishes.

No, seriously. You really have to be bold to do this.

Experiment with new flavors, ingredients, or a unique pan shape to make your meal or dish stand out.

Unexpected flavor combinations can give your friends something to talk about for years to come.

Dietary Accommodations

Know before you host.

Ask if any of your friends have dietary restrictions or preferences. The goal is for all of your guests to enjoy your Friendsgiving feast!

Offer vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options so everyone can indulge.

Think gluten-free stuffing to dairy-free pumpkin pie—there are plenty of mouth-watering alternatives that cater to different dietary needs.

2. Transform Your Space: Fall Harvest Décor

Friendsgiving Decor

You can really go all out here or keep it simple with mini pumpkins and fall candles.

We’ve got tips for both!

Team ‘Go All Out’

Candelabras, gourds, and dried floral arrangements, oh my!

Roll up your sleeves, let your creativity flow, and transform your space into a Friendsgiving wonderland with themed decorations, DIY centerpieces, and personalized place settings.

Think name cards, customized napkin rings, or dried hay and other floral arrangements.

Your theme and thoughtful details will add a touch of personality and excitement to your celebration and make your Friendsgiving party feel extra special.

Team ‘Keep it Simple’

No time to break out the glue gun for DIY decor? No problem.

Keep it simple with a few fall harvest essentials. Think of a quality, textured fabric tablecloth with a simple centerpiece of mini pumpkins and a scented candle (for ambiance).

What matters most is time spent with friends, so even simple decor can yield grand and unforgettable Friendsgiving memories.

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3. Foster Friendly Competition: Card Games & Icebreakers


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Friengsgiving card games

Who’s ready for a little friendly competition?

We love a good mac & cheese contest or a card or icebreaker game to bring out the competitive spirit among friends.

Icebreaker Games

Break the ice and help your old and new friends get to know each other with fun games like Thanksgiving bingo or trivia.

Card games are always a classic. And if you really want to get deep (or awkward), break out a conversation card deck of your choice.

Creative Contests

Friendsgiving comes once a year. And it is the time to show off in the kitchen.

Host a creative food contest, like a charcuterie board competition or pie-baking contest, to showcase your friends’ talents and encourage friendly competition.

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4. Amplify Gratitude: Group Notes & Journaling

Gratitude candle with journal

When the group chat meets in IRL, it’s time to exchange notes.

Honest, heartfelt, hand-written notes.

Jot down what you’re grateful for in your friendship and the year, and share it with your friends.

Then, spend some time doing a collective group journaling exercise.

Consider these three gratitude journal prompts to start:

• Today, we are grateful for __________.

• I feel __________ by our Friendsgiving today because __________.

• Three qualities we admire about our Friendsgiving host.

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5. Group Yoga or Meditation, Anyone?

If your friend crew is into a little physical and mental exercise, roll out the yoga mats and stream your favorite workout or meditation track.

Start your Friendsgiving gathering with an exercise of mindfulness to build deeper connections among your friends and within yourself.

Friendsgiving Ideas: In Summary

We hope you’re inspired to be the best host for your best friends with these fun & creative activities for Friendsgiving.

Here’s to more ‘wow’-worthy meals, memories with friends, and the space to celebrate thanks 🙌

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