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5 Easy Ways to Meditate in Less Than 10 Minutes

Find your calm, fast.

This candle gift set may be your solution.

A recent analysis showed that people now spend significantly less time using popular meditation apps.

Insights from the software intelligence company, Apptopia, reveal that user sessions of the top 10 meditation apps have fallen 48% from their height in early 2020 and down 30% over the past 90 days.

Do our back-to-school, back-to-work lives mean we’ve all quit meditation cold turkey? Or have we all just found new forms of meditation that fit into our evolving routines?

“Part of the reason engagement is down may not be that people do not want to meditate, but that they have or feel like they have less time to do so now that “normal” life has resumed,” said VP of Insights Adam Blacker, in the analysis.

If you find yourself among that stat and want to restore more mindful, meditative habits, we’ve gathered 5 Easy Ways to Meditate in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day.

Even a little meditation goes a long way.


Here’s 5 reasons why a candle gift set makes the perfect gift:

5 Easy Ways to Meditate More

Summer self care drink water and be still

Having time to meditate can feel like a luxury, but the trick is to create mindful, meditative moments within your everyday routine.

Here are five ways to optimize your time with mindfulness and meditation in mind:

1. Practice active meditation.

Morning workout or heading into the office? Use some time during your warmup or walk to the train to breathe through your movement.

Be hyper aware of your movement. Every stretch. Every step.

Even if you commute by car, take an extra few minutes to sit with the car off—in that mini vacuum of silence.

This brings us to tip number two.

2. Sit in silence.

Silence is underrated. Meditation requires no fancy tools or setup, though they may help as you start your journey.

Don’t be afraid to just be still.

Those few moments in the bathroom? Yep, that counts, too.

Ideally, sit comfortably in a chair or on your bed. No music, no calls. Just you and your thoughts with a soft gaze or your eyes closed.

3. Do a body scan.

Headspace calls the body scan technique “one of the most accessible [meditation] practices.”

All it requires is you. And your mindful presence.

The body scan meditation technique helps you assess your physical body. You can do it in as little as three minutes.

Mentally scan your body from head to toe. Notice any aches, tension, or discomfort, then slowly breathe through it.

4. Fuel your WFH session with a sensory candle.

If you work from home, light a sensory candle in your space. This candle’s scent and stimuli can help you focus and be more self-aware. Mindfulness is not about zoning out but about grounding yourself in the present and being aware of your surroundings, guided by the gentle ambiance of a sensory candle.

5. Wipe the (proverbial) dust off your guided meditation app.

Just a friendly reminder that the app you may already have on your phone may still be there for you. Subscription ended? Consider a free 5- or 10-minute sound or meditation track on YouTube. Many guided meditation apps also offer free guided meditations in their library.

One of our favorite less-than-10-minutes guided meditations is Union by intuitive counselor, Tony LeRoy.

Best Ways to Meditate: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of meditation?

Practicing meditation can improve your mental, physical, and emotional well-being by reducing stress, increasing self-awareness, and improving heart health. Countless scientific studies support the positive impact of meditation.

When should I meditate?

Meditation is a practice that should revolve around your unique preferences and comfort—not everyone’s an early bird.

The best time to meditate, theoretically, is upon waking up from sleep (regardless of the hour in which you wake up).

After a long slumber, your mind is most rested and clear. All those external, day-to-day cues that vie for your attention have not yet influenced (or distracted) your thoughts. Meditation is easier to start from a clean slate.

Still, as you improve your ability to focus and redirect your thoughts, it will become less critical when you meditate because, at any moment, you’re capable of creating peace of mind.

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Best Ways to Meditate Conclusion

Summer self care candle scents

Data shows that people are using guided meditation apps significantly less, reminding us how easy it is for mindfulness to take a back seat in our routines. But a little time for meditation goes a long way.

The best ways to meditate are unique to your lifestyle & preferences and should complement your available time. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Whether you go for a walk or sit in silence. Or wipe the dust off of your guided meditation app. 😉


Sensory Candles: Frequently Asked Questions

Summer self care candle scents

At Spoken Flames, we took a self-care staple (candles) and reimagined its typically passive presence as an active participant in our mindfulness routine.

Whether we’re reading, studying, or resting in silence, the sensory candle has a soft but notable presence that produces ambient stimuli to pique our senses and help keep us aware and grounded in the present moment.


Spoken Flames candle gift sets

6. Candles can help increase focus in a work from home environment

The rise in WFH and remote work means our workspaces are full of comforts—and distractions. But why would anyone light a candle at their work desk? To keep those distractions at bay. From chatty co-workers (albeit via Slack) to social media, candles are a thoughtful corporate gift that can help us focus and create space for us to do our best work.

Consider it a productivity hack. 💡

The presence of a candle flame can set a calming mood. Wooden wick candles in particular have a unique soft-crackling sound, which can serve as natural and relaxing ambient sound in one’s space. Plus, select scent profiles, like citrus, woody or a floral scent of a scented candle can influence physiological responses that help keep the mind on track.

7. Candles can be an environmentally responsible gift choice

First, it‘s a candle, next it’s their favorite whiskey glass. 🥃

Depending on the candle’s vessel, most candle jars can be upcycled after the burn cycle of the candle. It can be used as storage, glassware and more, so you can feel good knowing that your gift will keep on giving! And your candle gift (once upcycled) can be a pleasant reminder, if not a conversation piece in their home, of your thoughtfulness.

A candle gift set solves my gifting needs—but wait! I don’t know what candle scent they may like 😟

Bonus tip: How to pick a candle scent for a gift

So a candle gift set meets your needs, but you’re not sure what scents they like 😟 Pro tip: consider an unscented candle or a gift set that offers a variety of scents.

The unique thing about Spoken Flames’ Trio Sets is that each candle gift set has a variety of scents with great range—from woody, citrus and floral in our F, Yes Collection, for example.

Your gift recipient would never get bored, and it increases your chances for satisfaction with a broad range of scents in their hands.

Because Spoken Flames candles are message-driven, our motivating candle statements (even without scent) mean that you’ll still win big with this meaningful gifting choice!

Spoken Flames candle gift set with green ribbon
Spoken Flames candle gift set with green ribbon

Best Candles for Meditation

Focused Candle
Focused Candle
Focused Candle

Sandalwood Clear

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I Can I Will I Did Candle
I Can I Will I Did Candle

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