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5 Reasons a Candle Gift Set Makes the Perfect Gift

Trying to figure out the perfect gift? Learn why a candle gift set may be the solution you are looking for.

So you need to send someone a gift, but you have no idea what they like. Nor their dress size or their personal preferences. Or what if they have dietary restrictions? There goes that gourmet cookie platter idea! 🙈

The act of gift-giving should feel fulfilling, not stressful. But with so many options and unknowns, combined with your genuine desire to show you care with a thoughtful gift, all of that pressure can take the fun out of gifting.

Candle gift sets may be the stress-free and custom gifting solution you need! The *right* candle set makes a thoughtful and timeless gift for everyone. So if you can’t seem to figure out the best present for a friend, colleague, or loved one, learn why a candle gift set may be the solution you are looking for.

Spoken Flames candle gift set with green ribbon
Spoken Flames candle gift set with green ribbon

Here’s 5 reasons why a candle gift set makes the perfect gift for personal or corporate gifting:

1. The right candle can fit into any home style

Is their home décor style boho chic? Or designed like a minimal monasteryOr do you not even have a clue! With the right candle gift, you can give a design-neutral candle so that those sometimes private or unknown details of someone‘s home décor won’t impact your gifting decision.

Take a Spoken Flames candle, for example—its clean, minimalist design packs a maximum punch with its message. Its clear glass tumbler features typography as an art form, and the candle’s clean and minimal design style fits seamlessly into any room or home.

The added boost of motivation from our candle messages helps, too! This brings us to reason two.

2. Lighting a scented candle can help improve anyone’s mood

In our conversation with Town & Country Magazine, we shared that “scent impacts how we experience our space. It can trigger our brain receptors to respond calmly, or even with excitement or vigor.” So lighting a scented candle may be the magic you need to get your (or your gift recipient’s) mojo back!

Our candles are generously scented with curated scent blends that support each of our positive candle messages. A scented candle is a healthy and natural mood-booster, too.


3. Candles can be a conversation starter

While most people buy candles for the scent, there are some unique candle shapes, molds and colors available on the candle market, too; mostly driven by aesthetics.

But why not explore a candle with a bit more features, meaning and impact—that delivers more than what meets the eye (and nose)?

The right candle gift can do more than just smell and look good, but can make someone *feel* good.

Spoken Flames candles are multisensory experiences that engage one’s senses of sight, sound and smell. We explore self-awareness as self-care through these immersive candle experiences which are designed to ground your whole self (mind, body and spirit).

Plus, each of our candles have a unique augmented reality that brings our candles to life with a spoken word poem or affirmation. Now THAT will give them something to talk about!

Spoken Flames candles augmented reality feature


4. Candles can help alleviate stress

Candles are a self-care staple and often accommodate and set the mood for other relaxing activities like a bubble bath or a DIY spa day 🛁 Imagine turning off all artificial light in your space and relishing in the ambiance of the natural light of a candle flame. To be able to gift this experience to someone you know, could mean more than you know for that person and what they may be dealing with.

Further, candles can be the prequel to help someone sleep better and manage the not-so-good days that life can throw at us.

5. Candle gift sets are gender-neutral and great for any occasion

New home? New job? Happy birthday bestie? 🥳 The *right* candle gift set should allow you to customize your bundle for any milestone, occasion, gender or season.

In the Spring, for example, Spoken Flames offers a Lime Green gift ribbon option for a lively, festive Spring mood that can work across Easter or any relevant gifting theme within the season.

So while candles may seem like an easy or “lazy” gift, the right customizations (whether personal or seasonal) can demonstrate how thoughtful and intentional you were in making the candle gift set special and unique for your gift recipient.


Spoken Flames candle gift sets

6. Candles can help increase focus in a work from home environment

The rise in WFH and remote work means our workspaces are full of comforts—and distractions. But why would anyone light a candle at their work desk? To keep those distractions at bay. From chatty co-workers (albeit via Slack) to social media, candles are a thoughtful corporate gift that can help us focus and create space for us to do our best work.

Consider it a productivity hack. 💡

The presence of a candle flame can set a calming mood. Wooden wick candles in particular have a unique soft-crackling sound, which can serve as natural and relaxing ambient sound in one’s space. Plus, select scent profiles, like citrus, woody or a floral scent of a scented candle can influence physiological responses that help keep the mind on track.

7. Candles can be an environmentally responsible gift choice

First, it‘s a candle, next it’s their favorite whiskey glass. 🥃

Depending on the candle’s vessel, most candle jars can be upcycled after the burn cycle of the candle. It can be used as storage, glassware and more, so you can feel good knowing that your gift will keep on giving! And your candle gift (once upcycled) can be a pleasant reminder, if not a conversation piece in their home, of your thoughtfulness.

A candle gift set solves my gifting needs—but wait! I don’t know what candle scent they may like 😟

How to pick a candle scent for a gift

So a candle gift set meets your needs, but you’re not sure what scents they like 😟 Pro tip: consider an unscented candle or a gift set that offers a variety of scents.

The unique thing about Spoken Flames’ Gift Bundles is that each candle gift set has a variety of scents with great range—from woody, citrus and floral in our F, Yes Collection, for example.

Your gift recipient would never get bored, and it increases your chances for satisfaction with a broad range of scents in their hands.

But! If you want to play it safe, Spoken Flames offers unscented candles on all orders (just send us a note with your order number and ask!).

Because Spoken Flames candles are message-driven, our motivating candle statements (even without scent) mean that you’ll still win big with this meaningful gifting choice!

Be a gift hero 🦸 Give a Spoken Flames® Gift Bundle

Candle gift sets stay true to the emotional idea of giving. Whether as a birthday gift or anniversary present, candle gift sets are simple, thoughtful and intentional, and recipients would genuinely appreciate them. You can sleep better at night knowing that your gift helps someone stay focused at work, enjoy their moment of self-care or relieve stress.

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