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Bset Candles for Bathroom: Which Scents to Use

Let’s face it: stink happens. So, candles for your bathroom can be a great way to counter what goes down in this enclosed space.

Regular cleaning, good ventilation, and maintaining a dry environment are crucial in preventing the buildup of odors. But when you’re ready to go beyond the bathroom-basics of cleaning, elevate the aroma and ambiance in your bathroom with the fragrance of scented candles.

Here’s your fragrance guide to knowing the best scents for a bathroom.

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Here’s 5 reasons why a candle gift set makes the perfect gift:

Picking the Best Scent & Candles for Bathroom

The scent in your bathroom should differ from other rooms in your house by prioritizing freshness, cleanliness, and relaxation.

Unlike the kitchen, which may have food odors, or a bedroom or living room, where you might prefer cozy and comforting scents, the bathroom should exude a sense of cleanliness and rejuvenation.

A fragrance for every room of the house? Yep—this is scentscaping 101.

For a bathroom, choose scents like citrus, lavender, or eucalyptus that promote a clean and spa-like atmosphere.

Those would be the best candle scents to help cover bathroom odors and foster a sense of peace and calm—making it a unique and inviting space dedicated to personal hygiene and relaxation.

The TLDR; the best scented candles for bathrooms create a clean, fresh, and relaxing atmosphere.

Best Scents for Bathrooms

Citrus Scent for Bathroom

Citrus scents like lemon, bergamot, or orange are known for their refreshing and invigorating qualities. They can help mask odors and leave your bathroom smelling clean and revitalized.

For that fresh-out-the-shower feeling, get this citrus & spice candle.

Lavender Scent for Bathroom

Lavender is known for its calming and soothing properties. It can promote relaxation and reduce stress, making it a great choice for creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.

Cue a bubble bath with this lavender & rose-scented candle when it’s time to relax.

Eucalyptus Scent for Bathroom

Eucalyptus has a crisp, invigorating, green scent and is associated with clearing congestion.

You may have seen it all over Instagram, but eucalyptus leaves are commonly used in a steamy bathroom during a shower.

But when the shower is not running, keep that freshness in the air with this crisp-scented candle.

P.S. We don’t recommend lighting a candle during a shower (we’ll explain ‘why’ below).

Vanilla Scent for Bathroom

Vanilla has a warm, comforting scent that can add a touch of sweetness to your bathroom space.

It’s often used to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. It could be the perfect scented candle choice for a housewarming party or other intimate gathering where you expect to have more people use your bathroom.

Cozy scent meets confidence with this vanilla & sandalwood-scented affirmation candle.

Do burning candles make the bathroom smell good?

Yes, burning scented candles in your bathroom can help your bathroom smell good.

Scented candles work by emitting fragrance oil blended in the candle wax. When the heat from the candle flame vaporizes the scented wax, fragrance molecules are released into the air.

The best candles for your bathroom are made with high-quality fragrance oils and non-toxic candle wax blends to ensure you’re not scenting your bathroom at the expense of your health.

Is it OK to have a candle in the bathroom?

As long as your living arrangement allows for open-flame candles and candle care safety precautions are followed, a candle is okay to have in the bathroom.

We would recommend not using a burning candle during a running shower, as the humidity and moisture from the shower may impact the performance of the candle’s burn.

A candle for a seated bath should be fine, as water is not actively running and continuously adding steam or moisture into the air.

Best Candles for Bath Time

The best-scented candles for bath time relax your mind and body and have aromatherapy benefits.

An extra bonus for wooden wick candles for relaxation is that in addition to the soft glow of the candle flame, the wooden wick generally has a soft, soothing crackle that sounds like a campfire.

A mini campfire experience in your bathroom might make the perfect candle for the ultimate soothing ambiance!

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Burning Candles During a Shower

We do not recommend burning scented candles during a shower. A candle can technically work in the bathroom during a hot shower, but the candle may have poor performance due to the steam and moisture in the air.

The moisture can dilute the scent and cause the candle to burn unevenly.

To maximize your candle’s performance, place it away from direct contact with water or moisture, and consider using a well-ventilated bathroom to minimize moisture buildup.

So, that refreshing fragrance you’re hoping for smells and performs as you (and the candlemaker) intended.


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Be Safe: How to Care for a Lit Candle in the Bathroom

Following candle safety guidelines apply no matter where or in which room you place your candles, so it’s no surprise that having a candle jar in a bathroom will require you to take the same precautions.

Here are three quick bathroom-specific precautions for your candle in the bathroom:

  • Keep your candle away from aerosol cans or other flammable materials and surfaces in your bathroom to ensure nothing will catch fire.
  • Do not burn a candle while running a shower, as explained prior.
  • The typical burn time for a candle is four hours. Because you may be less likely to spend four hours in the bathroom, consider (very carefully) moving your candle jar to another room where you have an extended presence.

Where Do You Put Scented Candles in the Bathroom?

The safest places to put a candle in the bathroom are on a stable, flat surface away from flammable materials like towels or curtains.

Ideal locations include countertops, shelves, or dedicated candle holders at a safe distance from water sources, such as sinks and showers.

Always ensure the candle is out of reach of children or pets, and never leave it unattended while lit.

Best Scented Candles for Bathroom: In Summary

There are plenty of (very normal) reasons that bathrooms can have odors.

Beyond the basics of cleaning and room ventilation, elevate the aroma, freshness, and soothing ambiance in your bathroom with a clean and refreshing scent.

The best scented candles for a bathroom have top notes of bright citrus, eucalyptus, or lavender and are no-brainers for a room dedicated to personal hygiene and relaxation.

Be mindful of candle safety precautions while burning candles in your bathroom.

Spoken Flames candle gift sets

6. Candles can help increase focus in a work from home environment

The rise in WFH and remote work means our workspaces are full of comforts—and distractions. But why would anyone light a candle at their work desk? To keep those distractions at bay. From chatty co-workers (albeit via Slack) to social media, candles are a thoughtful corporate gift that can help us focus and create space for us to do our best work.

Consider it a productivity hack. 💡

The presence of a candle flame can set a calming mood. Wooden wick candles in particular have a unique soft-crackling sound, which can serve as natural and relaxing ambient sound in one’s space. Plus, select scent profiles, like citrus, woody or a floral scent of a scented candle can influence physiological responses that help keep the mind on track.

7. Candles can be an environmentally responsible gift choice

First, it‘s a candle, next it’s their favorite whiskey glass. 🥃

Depending on the candle’s vessel, most candle jars can be upcycled after the burn cycle of the candle. It can be used as storage, glassware and more, so you can feel good knowing that your gift will keep on giving! And your candle gift (once upcycled) can be a pleasant reminder, if not a conversation piece in their home, of your thoughtfulness.

A candle gift set solves my gifting needs—but wait! I don’t know what candle scent they may like 😟

Bonus tip: How to pick a candle scent for a gift

So a candle gift set meets your needs, but you’re not sure what scents they like 😟 Pro tip: consider an unscented candle or a gift set that offers a variety of scents.

The unique thing about Spoken Flames’ Trio Sets is that each candle gift set has a variety of scents with great range—from woody, citrus and floral in our F, Yes Collection, for example.

Your gift recipient would never get bored, and it increases your chances for satisfaction with a broad range of scents in their hands.

Because Spoken Flames candles are message-driven, our motivating candle statements (even without scent) mean that you’ll still win big with this meaningful gifting choice!

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Spoken Flames Candle Set F, Yes
Spoken Flames Candle Set F, Yes
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